Titi Kamal - Sexy Beauty Indonesian Girl

Titi Kamal, Tora Sudiro

Titi Kamal and Tora Sudiro in Photo Session!

Thalita Latief - Sexy Pretty Girl

Thalita Latief

Thalita Latief is a young Indonesian actress. She was born in Jakarta December 6, 1988. Her real name is Thalita Annemarie Latief. She’s 2003 "Gadis Sampul" semi finalist. Her debut soap opera is “Keong Emas” one of MD entertainment productions. Lawang sewu is her last movie. Here, her photo taken from Friendster.

Tessa Kaunang

Tessa Kaunang Tessa Kaunang

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Terry Putri - Sexy Hot Indonesian Model

Terry Putri Terry Putri

Terry Putri has a long name Terry Naharyana Enani Putri. She’s not tall enough for catwalk model (158 cm). But with her cute and sensual face, she now is one of top TV presenters and also top TV commercial star and actress. Sports presenter is her specialty. She’s warm and energetic girl. She was born in Banjarmasin December 1st 1979.

Terry Luana Irmalia - Enjoy Saturday Party

Terry Luana Irmalia

Sexy Pretty Indonesian Girl, Terry Luana Irmalia enjoy with her boyfriend in Saturday Party!

Tamara Bleszynski - Beauty Indonesian Actress

Tamara Bleszynski

Tamara Bleszynski or Tamara Natalia Christina Mayawati Bleszyński, was born 25 Desember 25 1974 in Bandung. She’s one of Indonesia’s top actresses and models. Tamara’s father is from Polandia and mother Indonesian. She now single, after divorced from Teuku Rafli.

Syahrini - Vacation on Holiday


Ops.. Syahrini, Sexy Indonesian Actress was enjoy with her friend's to Vacation on Holiday, in Great Beautiful Bali Beach!

Sissy Priscilla - Sexy Indonesian Young Baby

Sissy Priscilla
Sissy Priscilla
Sissy Priscilla

Sissy Priscillia women is the birth of Jakarta, 5 April 1985, which full called Lyssies Priscillia. Sissy work as a model, movie players, and players in the world of entertainment sinetron Indonesia. In the modeling world, is known as Sissy young model.

Frank Sinatra fans of women also has a voice talent in drag. As a beginning, Sissy Priscilla akan berduet with performers in one of Nugie tembang Nugie in the album, "Sampai Mati Cinta Padamu ( Dead Until love you )." Sing is not new, because at the age of 11 years, Sissy was so personnel Bocah Reggae vocal group.

Sisca Adrian - Sexy Indonesian Top Model

Sisca Adrian Sisca Adrian
Sisca Adrian Sisca Adrian
Sisca Adrian Sisca Adrian
Sisca Adrian Sisca Adrian

Sisca Andrian know as Sisca was born August 20, 1980 in Medan, Indonesia. Sisca Andrian is a beautiful Indonesian Model, charming women and amazing women from Indonesia. She has a charming face, beautiful skin and perfect body. Sisca Andrian on sexy fashion model. Special Sisca Andrian beauty photos collection from unknown.

Shopia Latjuba - Sexy Indonesian Actress

Shopia Latjuba

Sexy Indonesian Actress, Shopia Latjuba in Meditation Ceremony.

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Shireen Sungkar - Pretty Strawberry Girl

Shireen Sungkar
Shireen Sungkar
Shireen Sungkar
Shireen Sungkar
Shireen Sungkar

Shireen Sungkar (born January 28 1992) is a young Indonesian TV soap opera star (bintang sinetron) of Arabian descent. Both of her parents are senior Indonesian celebrities, Mark Sungkar and Fanny Bauty. She was finalist of 2006 “gadis sampul” (cover girl). She is high school student of SMA Tirta.

Just take a look at her self photos using cameraphone below, so typical teenager… ABG banget geto loh!!!

Sherina Munaf - Sucking with Sisha

Sherina Munaf
Sherina Munaf
Sherina Munaf

Allright guys, I'm now teenager so let me try this thing... what is it called? Shisha, Hookah, Ghalyun or whatever it's called I don't care! You know dude? this Shisha awesome! Look at me, I was sexy when I'm sucking it. Flavours include vanilla, coconut, rose, jasmine, honey, strawberry, watermelon, mint, cherry, orange, raspberry, apple, apricot, chocolate, licorice, coffee, grape, peach, cola, bubblegum, pineapple, and others. Like me, you can pick one of those flavours. BTW dude, a sweet substance smoked in a "Shisha" pipe (it's called "Tobamel"), usually containing tobacco. See you dude! Signed Sherina Munaf.

Sheila Marcia - Sexy Innocent Artist

Sheila Marcia Sheila Marcia
Sheila Marcia Sheila Marcia
Sheila Marcia Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marcia, want you to know how sexy she is and you will see Roger Danuarta may lose if refuse to marry her at quickly. This photoshoot is just screaming "Roger, I’m a sex symbol, and all will be yours when you marry me!". Allright, she looks pretty damn good and sexy in the shots. So, Roger come and get it!

Shandy Aulia - Sexy Beauty Actress

Shandy Aulia

Shandy Aulia, looks so sexy and sweetly with mini skirt!

Senk Lotta - Sexy Beauty Uzbekistan Model

Senk Lotta Senk Lotta

Senk Lotta a model from Uzbekistan and also Fauzi Baadilah’s wife. Enjoy the pictures!

Sarah Azhari - Sexy Hot Indonesian Celebrity

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Sarah Azhari

Over time, Foto Foto Sarah Azhari which was more emotional now seems wise. In response to the photographs syur circulating on the internet, Sarah also did not want to rage. He even bless those who spread the sarah asari images. Foto Cewek Cantik Indonesia Hopefully those who spread forgiven same God, "said Sarah in 2009 who want to return this Umroh that the worship.

Foto foto cewek cantik is found after a guest star 'Bukan Empat Mata' in Trans7, Jl. Kapt. P. Tendean, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (6/1/2009) night. He gave quiet responses to the matter of the Foto Foto Sarah Azhari.

Foto Cewek Bugil, if indeed there is a good help, I am grateful, not only from experts aja, but also of all, he said responding to a comment concerning Foto Foto Sarah Azhari bugilnya with Rahma Azhari.

Until now, both Sarah and Rahma not know who spread the images on their suggestion. He also request to all parties in order to help him know if anyone.

Sara Louisa - Sexy Television Presenter

Sara Louisa

This is Sara Louisa, yet another sexy presenter. I think, this babe is more fresh and beautiful than Yeyen Lidya. They both host of Kuis bisik-bisik.

Sania - Sexy Hot Top Model

Sania Sania

Yes, it’s been long time no see Sania. Where is she now? I know some of you are really miss her. So here are some photos of Sania. Sorry, it's not her latest photos. It was shot by "Popular" Mags.

Sandra Dewi - Sexy Oriental Artist

Sandra Dewi

Indonesian Sexy Oriental Artist, Sandra Dewi in Nude Pose.

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Sabria Kono - Sexy Indonesian Presenter

Sabria Kono
Sabria Kono

Sabria Kono, we can see her at AnTV (Tawa Sutra & Lensa Olahraga). She is Rio Febrian's girlfriend. And this is her photos with scooter.

Rieke Indrianty - Indonesian Hot Model

Rieke Indrianty
Rieke Indrianty

Yet another Popular Magazine babe, a young and sexy model Rieke Indrianty. Rieke was born in Bandung September 5th 1979. She is maintaining a goal to become a Professional Model & Actress.

Rianti Cartwright - Indonesian Top Model

Rianti Cartwright Rianti Cartwright

Indonesian Top Model, Rianti Cartwright with Sexy Pink Dress!